Perinatal Mood Disorder Resources in Austin

There are two main organizations helping moms in the Austin area with Perinatal Mood Disorders (PMDs). Read below for more details and how you or a loved one can get help.

PSI – Postpartum Support International

PSI is an excellent source of training, materials and support for moms and families affected by PMDs.  There are two PSI coordinators for the Austin area.  They have training from PSI and are available by phone and email to anyone who wants to know information and resources available in Austin.  Their service is FREE and they can help moms find well-qualified help in their area, that they can afford – either through their insurance or even at a discounted rate.  Often concerned family members will call, and they can help them understand what may be happening or what can be done to help.

Melissa Bentley

PPHA – Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas

This is a non-profit that seeks to help moms in the area obtain the help they need.  Our website has a fantastic Provider Directory that includes mental health/psychiatric practitioners that have been fully vetted to ensure they have had training or significant experience in treating PMDs.  The Provider Directory also includes support groups and non-mental health providers who may be of particular support to the postpartum community (lactation consultants, massage therapists, chiropractors, etc).  We offer basic PMD training to these individuals, and can provide training to support staff in a medical practice.

PPHA also offers programs to low-income moms who are at high risk or have been diagnosed with a PMD.  These include the Postpartum Doula Voucher Program and the Psychiatric Voucher Program.  We are developing a voucher program for moms to receive mental health counseling at reduced rates as well.

Austin Perinatal Clinicians Group
This a a group of clinicians who provide mental health counseling and psychiatric services directly to moms in the Austin area.  They meet once a month to share what is happening in the community, opportunities to improve PMD care and to confidentially consult about PMD cases.

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