The Pregnancy and Postpartum Heath Alliance (PPHA) is a volunteer driven non-profit dedicated to increasing support for families struggling with Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) (including depression, anxiety, OCD and psychosis) in Central Texas. Our main initiatives include building alliances in the community, maintaining a website with links to vital resources, providing a database of local providers who have demonstrated expertise in treating PMDs, and offering three programs that provide direct services. We envision a future where there is a community center where families have direct access to all the support services that they may need and a in-patient mother/baby psychiatric unit where women can get the mental health support they need without sacrificing access to their new baby.

Our Vision

Creating a community where women and families have the support they need during the perinatal period.

Our Mission

Promote awareness, provide education and increase the resources necessary for the prevention and treatment of perinatal mood disorders to the professional and public community.


This website contains information about PMADs for women, their families, and professionals. We recognize the need for perinatal support in Central Texas is great. Our goal is to connect families with services and adapt as needs change. Please visit the website often for updates.

Women and their families are provided information about local support services, including support groups, therapists, medical services, and practical support. These resources are listed throughout this website. Click here for a list of support services and local providers (doctors, midwives, doulas, therapists, etc.) that PPHA has certified as providing sensitive, expert care for families experiencing PMADs.

Education and Training

The Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance is dedicated to expanding the number of professionals who are trained in screening for and treating PMADs. PPHA provides trainings to individual professionals as well as group  practices. Contact us at for more information about educational services.

Programs and Services

The Psychiatric Voucher Program provides qualifying women who have been identified with a PMAD with a voucher worth up to $500 to subsidize the costs of out-patient psychiatric care.

The PPHA Postpartum Doula Program provides low-income women who are experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety and/or OCD with 20 hours of free in-home care with a postpartum doula who is specially trained in working with Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorders (PMADs). Our studies have shown that 20 hours of work with a postpartum doula can significantly reduce the symptoms of PMADs and increase the quality of life for mother and baby.

The Therapy Voucher Pilot Program provides low-income women who are experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety and/or OCD with up to 8 sessions of discounted therapy sessions with mental health professionals who are specially trained for working with Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorders (PMADs). Women in Central Texas who have been identified with a PMAD may be eligible to receive a significant discount (up to $720) for mental health therapy provided by designated local mental health therapists.

Find out more about our programs here.